Venchi Chocaviar 9 Mini Selection Gift Box 130g

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9 Chocaviar chocolates in three different versions arranged in an elegant gift box:

-Crème de Cacao filled with Gianduja cream in a milk chocolate shell and garnished with Chocaviar 75% granules.

-Crème Brulée with its characteristic shell shape, in milk and dark chocolate filled with burnt caramel and covered with Chocaviar 75%.

-Chocaviar 75% made from an extra-dark filling inside a Cuor di Cacao shell garnished with Chocaviar 75%.

Always and everywhere a symbol of luxury. Tiny spheres with a powerful flavor and an incredible concentration of sensations. Inspired by this magical product, Mr. Venchi has created Chocaviar, micro-spheres of chocolate made from prized cocoa beans processed using a sophisticated production method. You will experience the rarest and most special sensation that chocolate can provide. When you taste them and, depending on where they melt in your mouth, the best single-source cocoa used to make them will reveal its qualities.

Naturally gluten free.