Roshen Romashka with Cream-Brulee Cocoa Filling, Delicious, Flavorful Sweets Bulk Gourmet Chocolate Candy 2.2lb/21kg

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  • Roshen Romashka has a chocolate-glazed exterior and a delicious, creamy, Creme Brulee within that is dusted with cocoa powder. It has a beautiful sweet scent and a pleasant delicate taste.
  • The combination of outstanding recipes and confectioners' skill results in Roshen chocolate, a premium product that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.
  • Anyone looking for a sweet candy might Roshen Romashka with Cream-Brulee Cocoa Filling. It's a fantastic way to flavor your food while still satiating your want for a sweet snack or something to eat for dessert.
  • A delicious treat that is ideal for celebrations, candy buffets, birthday parties, or your personal candy bowl. Roshen items will astound you, make you smile, and bring you a real joy.
  • Roshen Romashka with Cream-Brulee Cocoa Filling is made using the best ingredients for exceptional quality and flavor.