Roshen Hard Candies "Karamelkino" Barberry Kosher and Halal, Delicious, Flavorful hard Sweets Bulk Candy (1kg/2.204lb)

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  • Roshen Hard Candies "Karamelkino" Barberry is a very delicate and juicy flavor with a strong scent of barberries. Kosher-certified, clear, oval-shaped candy in separate wrappers
  • Roshen Hard Candies "Karamelkino" Barberry will Satisfy your appetites with an individually wrapped delight that is smooth, fragrant, and sweet. Barberries are tangy, red berries that are very nourishing and contain healthy plant elements.
  • Anyone looking for a sweet and tart candy might consider Roshen Hard Candies "Karamelkino" Barberry. It's a fantastic way to flavor your food while still satiating your want for a sweet snack or something to eat for dessert.
  • A delicious treat that is ideal for celebrations, candy buffets, birthday parties, or your personal candy bowl. Roshen items will astound you, make you smile, and bring you a real joy.
  • Roshen Hard Candies "Karamelkino" Barberry is created with the finest ingredients for great quality and flavor and is Kosher and Halal Certified.