Roshen Crispy Flavorful Wafer with Milky Filling, Kosher, Halal, 7.62oz/216 grams

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  • Delicious and satisfying milk-cream wafer snack made with crispy, light, flat and thin dry biscuits. A snack that hits the spot filled with the finest milk-cream a great snack for you!
  • Treat yourself! Enjoy every bite with our wafer snack! This will satisfy your cravings! Great to partner with coffee, tea or fruit juice.
  • Made with indulging ingredients, eat whenever you want to because this wafer don't contain preservatives and allergen or any food color.
  • Eat it anywhere! You can bring this as your snack and pack as many as you can. Enjoy it with your friends, and family! This snack is great to share with.
  • These sweets, their natural composition and original recipe. The thinnest wafer sheets are baked from premium wheat flour on ultra-modern equipment.