Niederegger Marzipan Classic Bar, Bittersweet, 3.5-Ounce (Pack of 6)

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  • Niederegger is the finest marzipan produced. It is produced in Lubeck Germany and the Niedergger brand is the BENCHMARK of how all other marzipans are judged. It is clearly recognized worldwide as the leader.
  • Niederegger is the only marzipan using 100% quality marzipan paste no others compare. The essence of marzipan making is the ratio of almonds to sugar as well as a secret ingredient much like rosewater.
  • They have won over 30 Gold medals and numerous prizes for their production of the world's best marzipan
  • The packaging along with the best ingredients used make Nideregger the market leader it is today
  • This classic marzipan bar is covered with bittersweet chocolate.