Belgian Beer Filled Chocolates Gift Set

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Carre Chocolates has created a unique handmade product: the Choco Beer praline. For the first time a master chocolatier developed a product that combines two established Belgian traditions: rich beers and the highest quality of 60% dark chocolate.

Experimentation with tradition led Chocolaterie Carr̩ to what turned out to be an obvious choice for Belgium: the combination of ripened beers and best quality chocolate. Covering a liquid such as beer with a thin layer of real Belgian chocolate requires expertise, not only from the chocolatier but also from the brewer. The missing link was found in Brouwerij Bockor [Bockor Brewery], which didn‰۪t hesitate to share its tradition for the creation of a new product that embraces two noble crafts. Thus Choco Beer was born.

Note: This product contains real alcohol -- must be 21 or older to purchase! Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should not consume this product.