In 1968 Lambertz began making Printen gingerbread cookies in Aachen, Germany. Lambertz has expanded the variety of cookies by developing different flavor profiles and cookie designs which have been savored and adored throughout Europe.

Lambertz has remained at the forefront of the industry by using exceptional ingredients and attention to detail. Our skilled food technicians are committed to producing premium quality cookies using traditional Lambertz recipes as well as versatile ingredients that contain anti-toxidents and whole grains.

Presently we are featuring a selection of our finest cookies in the United States. Enjoy one of our old world traditional famous soft baked gingerbread cookies, Lebkuchen. We also feature a delicious premium line of soft baked fruit filled lemon and strawberry cookies as well as a selection of assorted Belgian chocolate covered cookies. For the health conscious we have introduced a line of healthy all natural cookies. Guten Appetitt!

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